Unlock 7 Best Chrome Extensions That Will Save You Hours

Unlock 7 Best Chrome Extensions That Will Save You Hours

These Google Chrome Extensions helped me save hundreds of working hours in my freelancing career.

We know freelancing can be overwhelming, with multiple projects, deadlines, and client communications to manage. As a digital marketer and freelancer, I’ve discovered that the right tools can make all the difference.

After extensive testing, I’ve found seven extraordinary Chrome extensions that have helped me save hundreds of hours. These tools are not only powerful but also incredibly efficient, transforming how I work, study, and play. Whether you’re a student, professional, or creative, these extensions will boost your productivity and streamline your digital life.

best chrome extensions

Here are 7 Best Google Chrome Extensions that Will Save You Hours

1. Pop AI: The Ultimate Freelancer Companion

For students juggling multiple tasks, Pop AI is a game-changer. This all-in-one platform allows you to chat with PDFs, create presentations, generate organizational charts, write academic essays, and craft impressive CVs. Imagine being able to interact with your study materials directly, ask questions, and get answers instantly. Pop AI’s intuitive interface and robust features make it an indispensable tool for modern learners.


  • Interactive PDF chats
  • Easy presentation creation
  • Organizational chart generation
  • Academic essay writing assistance
  • CV crafting tools

2. Compose AI: Revolutionize Your Writing

Writing can be time-consuming, but Compose AI makes it faster and easier. This extension uses AI-powered autocompletion and text generation to cut your writing time by 40%. Whether you’re drafting emails, writing reports, or working on creative projects, Compose AI helps you get your thoughts down quickly and efficiently.


  • AI-powered autocompletion
  • Text generation
  • Reduced writing time
  • Enhanced productivity

3. Vidnoz Flex: Break Language Barriers

Vidnoz Flex is a must-have for anyone who works with videos. This extension allows you to translate your videos into over 140 languages seamlessly. Additionally, it offers a natural voice clone feature, ensuring that your translated content sounds authentic and engaging. With Vidnoz Flex, you can reach a global audience without the hassle of manual translation.


  • Video translation in over 140 languages
  • Natural voice clone feature
  • Enhanced global reach
  • Streamlined content creation

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4. Fonts Ninja: Unleash Your Typography Skills

For designers and developers, Fonts Ninja is an invaluable tool. This extension lets you discover and inspect fonts on any website. You can view details like size, letter spacing, line height, and color, and even experiment with different fonts for various applications. Fonts Ninja makes it easy to identify and use the perfect font for your projects.


  • Font discovery
  • Detailed font inspection
  • Typography experimentation
  • Enhanced design capabilities

5. Scalenut: Scale Your Marketing Efforts

Scalenut is an all-in-one marketing tool designed for scalability. It offers features like research content creation, real-time optimization, and copywriting templates. Whether you’re a marketer, content creator, or entrepreneur, Scalenut helps you streamline your marketing efforts and achieve better results.


  • Research content creation
  • Real-time optimization
  • Copywriting templates
  • Improved marketing efficiency

6. Scribe: Capture and Share Processes Instantly

Scribe is perfect for creating step-by-step instructions. This extension allows you to capture any process and turn it into a detailed guide. It’s ideal for teaching clients, onboarding new team members, and creating instructional materials. With Scribe, you can share knowledge quickly and effectively.


  • Process capture
  • Step-by-step guide creation
  • Enhanced training and onboarding
  • Efficient knowledge sharing

7. Selectext: Extract Text from Videos Effortlessly

Selectext is a powerful tool for extracting text from videos. Whether it’s handwriting, code, or links, this extension lets you capture any on-screen text directly from videos. It works seamlessly on all video platforms, including YouTube, Udemy, and Coursera. Selectext is perfect for students, developers, and anyone who needs to capture and use video content effectively.


  • Text extraction from videos
  • Supports handwriting, code, and links
  • Works on all major video platforms
  • Streamlined content utilization

Are you using one of these Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome’s vast library of extensions can be overwhelming, but these seven tools are truly extraordinary. From enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows to breaking language barriers and improving design capabilities, these extensions offer something for everyone.

By integrating these tools into your daily routine, you can unlock the full potential of Google Chrome and save valuable time. Give them a try and experience the difference they can make in your digital life.

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7 Powerful AI Tools That Will Supercharge Your Productivity

7 Powerful AI Tools That Will Supercharge Your Productivity

As a freelancer, wearing multiple hats is practically a job requirement. One minute you’re crafting a killer blog post, the next you’re deep in code writing a new plugin. It can be tough to stay on top of everything, especially when deadlines loom. Good this I discovered these powerful AI tools that keep me sane all these years.

Fellow hustlers! The age of AI is upon us, and it’s bringing a treasure trove of tools designed to make our lives (and workflows) a whole lot easier. Over the past year, I’ve been integrating some incredible AI-powered applications into my freelance routine, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer.

top 7 ai tools for productivity

So here are my top 7 picks for AI tools that can boost your productivity across various tasks, from brainstorming content to streamlining communication:

1. ChatGPT 4.0: Your AI Brainstorming Buddy

We all know the struggle of staring at a blank page, waiting creativity to strike. Enter ChatGPT 4.0, a powerful language model that can help you overcome writer’s block and generate fresh ideas.

Let’s say you’re tasked with developing a social media campaign for a new fitness app. You can feed ChatGPT some keywords related to the app’s features and target audience. It will then generate headlines, captions, and even sample social media posts to get your creative juices flowing.

Scenario in Action:

You: “ChatGPT, I need help brainstorming social media content for a fitness app focused on HIIT workouts.”

ChatGPT: “Sure! Here are a few ideas:

  • Headline: ‘Torch Calories in Minutes: The HIIT Workout Revolution’
  • Caption: ‘Feeling sluggish? Our quick and effective HIIT workouts will get you sweating and energized in no time!’
  • Sample Post: ‘Struggle to fit in a workout? Try our 20-minute HIIT routine – no gym required! #HIIT #FitnessApp’

2. Copilot: Your Coding Co-Pilot (Literally)

For coders, Copilot is a dream come true. This AI extension for popular editors like Visual Studio Code acts like an intelligent autocomplete on steroids. It can suggest entire lines of code, complete functions, and even test cases based on your current context.

Imagine working on a complex web application and getting stuck on a specific API integration. Copilot can analyze your existing code and suggest potential solutions, saving you hours of research and frustration.

Scenario in Action:

You’re building a new e-commerce website and need to integrate a payment gateway.

You: (Start typing the code for the payment integration)

Copilot: (Suggests code snippets for connecting to the payment gateway API and handling transactions)

3. Slack AI: Making Communication Seamless

Slack is already a communication powerhouse for many teams, but Slack AI takes it a step further. This built-in AI assistant can help you streamline conversations and increase your efficiency.

For example, you can use Slack AI to summarize long threads, translate messages in real-time, and even schedule meetings directly within the platform.

Scenario in Action:

You’re collaborating with a global team on a project, and some team members are communicating in different languages.

You: “/summarize #marketing-meeting” (Slack AI command)

Slack AI: (Provides a concise summary of the key points discussed in the marketing meeting thread)

You: “/translate @french_colleague’s_message” (Slack AI command)

Slack AI: (Translates your French colleague’s message into English)

4. Stable Video Diffusion: From Text to Stunning Videos

Gone are the days of needing fancy video editing software to create compelling visuals. Stable Video Diffusion is an AI tool that allows you to generate high-quality videos from simple text descriptions.

Let’s say you need to create a short explainer video for your freelance writing service. You can describe the video you have in mind, including scenes, transitions, and even the desired style. Stable Video Diffusion will then generate a unique video based on your input.

Let’s see it in action:

You need to create a short explainer video for your freelance writing service, but you don’t have the time or budget for professional video editing.

You: (Input text describing a video with scenes showcasing your writing process, client testimonials, and a call to action)

Stable Video Diffusion: (Generates a captivating explainer video based on your description)

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7 top ai tools

5. Gemini (Formerly Google Bard)

Okay, Gemini is one of my favorite tools in writing. It can be incredibly helpful for freelancers or business owners like you! It can access and process information from the real world through Google Search and keep its response consistent with search results. Need to research a new topic for a client project or fact-check information quickly?

Gemini is your guy (or large language model, as the case may be). It can also generate different creative text formats, like poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, email, letters, etc.

Scenario in Action:

You’re writing a blog post on the latest trends in social media marketing, but you need to back up your claims with some solid data.

You: “Gemini, can you find recent statistics on social media usage trends?”

Gemini: Sure, here’s a recent report from [credible source] that highlights key social media usage trends for 2024.

6. Jasper AI: Your AI Writing Assistant

Jasper AI, formerly known as Jarvis, is another fantastic AI tool for writers. It can help you with various content creation tasks, from crafting catchy headlines to generating entire blog post outlines. Need to overcome writer’s block on that product description for your client? Jasper can help you brainstorm unique selling points and write compelling copy that converts.

Scenario in Action:

You’re struggling to write a compelling product description for a new client’s eco-friendly cleaning product.

You: (Input information about the product’s features and target audience into Jasper)

Jasper AI: (Generates several product description options highlighting the product’s eco-friendly benefits and its appeal to environmentally conscious consumers)

7. Notion AI: Take Your Project Management to the Next Level

At first, Notion can be quite overwhelming because of its complex data system capacity. But Notion is a popular project management tool, and Notion AI takes its functionality even further.

This AI integration helps you automate repetitive tasks, organize your workspace, and even generate meeting summaries. Imagine having your notes from a client meeting automatically transcribed and organized within your Notion project board. Notion AI can make that a reality.

Scenario in Action:

You’re wrapping up a client meeting and need to capture all the key points and action items discussed.

Notion AI: (Automatically transcribes the meeting audio and creates a summary within your relevant Notion project board, including action items assigned to specific team members)

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Become an AI-Powered Productivity Machine

These are just a few of the many AI tools available to freelancers today. By incorporating these intelligent assistants into your workflow, you can streamline your processes, boost your creativity, and free up valuable time to focus on what matters most – delivering top-notch work for your clients.

Ready to take your freelance game to the next level?

Start exploring these AI tools and see how they can transform your productivity. Remember, AI is here to empower you, not replace you. By leveraging its capabilities, you can become an unstoppable force in the freelance world.

Happy freelancing!

– Syed 😍

How to Stand Out as a Freelancer: Your Ultimate Guide to Freelancing Success

How to Stand Out as a Freelancer: Your Ultimate Guide to Freelancing Success

New to Freelancing? This guide is for you!

Are you a new freelancer eager to make your mark in the competitive world of freelancing? Whether you’re a graphic designer, writer, web developer, or consultant, standing out from the crowd is essential to attract clients and build a successful freelance career.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore three fundamental steps to help you differentiate yourself and thrive as a freelancer I’ve learned from the great mentors in the industry and the experiences I’ve had all these years.

How to Stand Out as a Freelancer: Your Ultimate Guide to Success with photo of Syed Qassim Acabo

Step 1: Identify Your Niche

Freelancing is a huge landscape. Finding your niche is crucial to your success. Instead of trying to be a jack-of-all-trades, focus on a specific skill, industry, or service that you excel in. By narrowing your focus, you position yourself as a specialist rather than a generalist, making it easier for potential clients to find and hire you.

Why is Finding Your Niche Important as a Freelancer?

1. Becoming a Specialist

When you identify your niche, you become an expert in a particular area, allowing you to offer specialized services that cater to the specific needs of your target audience. Whether it’s designing logos for tech startups or writing blog content for the healthcare industry, specializing in a niche makes you more valuable to potential clients.

2. Standing Out from the Competition

In a crowded marketplace, differentiation is key. By focusing on a niche, you distinguish yourself from other freelancers who offer a broader range of services. Potential clients are more likely to choose you over your competitors because of your specialized expertise and understanding of their industry.

3. Commanding Higher Rates

Specialists command higher rates than generalists. When you position yourself as an expert in your niche, you can justify charging premium prices for your services. Clients are willing to pay more for specialized expertise and the assurance that they’re working with a knowledgeable professional.

How to Find Your Niche

Assess Your Skills and Interests

Start by evaluating your skills, interests, and passions. What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? Identify areas where you have expertise or a strong interest, as these will form the foundation of your niche.

Research the Market

Once you’ve identified potential niches, research the market to assess demand and competition. Look for underserved or emerging markets where you can carve out a niche for yourself. Consider factors such as industry trends, client needs, and competitor analysis.

Test and Refine

Don’t be afraid to experiment and test different niches to see what resonates with you and your target audience. Be open to feedback and adjust your niche based on market response and client feedback.

Commit and Specialize

Once you’ve found your niche, commit to it wholeheartedly. Invest time and effort into developing your expertise and building your brand within your niche. Become known as the go-to expert in your field, and watch as clients come knocking at your door.

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photo image og Syed Qassim acabo

Step 2: Highlight Your Uniqueness

Now that you’ve identified your niche, it’s time to differentiate yourself from the competition by highlighting your uniqueness. What sets you apart from other freelancers offering similar services? Communicating your distinct perspective and approach is essential to attracting clients and winning projects.

Why is Highlighting Your Uniqueness Important?

1. Building Credibility and Trust

When you highlight your uniqueness, you demonstrate to potential clients that you have something special to offer. Whether it’s your creative flair, problem-solving skills, or innovative solutions, showcasing your unique qualities builds credibility and trust.

2. Attracting Ideal Clients

By showcasing what makes you unique, you attract clients who resonate with your style and approach. Rather than trying to appeal to everyone, focus on attracting your ideal clients—the ones who appreciate and value what you bring to the table.

3. Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace

In a crowded marketplace, differentiation is key to success. Highlighting your uniqueness sets you apart from the competition and makes you more memorable to potential clients. When they think of hiring a freelancer for their project, your name will be at the top of their list.

How to Highlight Your Uniqueness

Define Your Brand Identity

Start by defining your brand identity—what you stand for, what you believe in, and what sets you apart from others in your niche. Your brand identity should reflect your personality, values, and unique selling proposition (USP).

Showcase Your Portfolio

Your portfolio is your opportunity to showcase your unique talents and abilities. Highlight your best work and projects that demonstrate your expertise and creativity. Include case studies, testimonials, and client feedback to provide social proof of your skills and capabilities.

Share Your Freelancer Story

Your personal story is a powerful tool for connecting with potential clients on a deeper level. Share your journey, experiences, and lessons learned along the way. Be authentic and transparent, and let your personality shine through in your communication.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Position yourself as an authority in your niche by sharing valuable content, insights, and tips related to your industry. Write blog posts, create videos, or host webinars that showcase your expertise and provide value to your audience.

with zaprollah mangondato and syed qassim acabo

Step 3: Provide Exceptional Value

The final step in standing out as a freelancer is to provide exceptional value to your clients. Going above and beyond their expectations and delivering outstanding service not only delights your clients but also keeps them coming back for more and referring others to your services.

Why is Providing Exceptional Value Important?

1. Building Long-Term Relationships

Exceptional value is the cornerstone of building long-term relationships with your clients. When you consistently deliver high-quality work and exceed their expectations, you earn their trust and loyalty, leading to repeat business and referrals.

2. Generating Positive Word-of-Mouth

Happy clients are your best advocates. When you provide exceptional value, they’re more likely to sing your praises to others and recommend your services. Positive word-of-mouth referrals are invaluable for growing your freelance business and attracting new clients.

3. Differentiating Yourself from Competitors

In a competitive market, providing exceptional value sets you apart from the competition. While other freelancers may offer similar services, your commitment to delivering exceptional value distinguishes you as a top performer and preferred choice for clients.

How to Provide Exceptional Value – Freelancer

Understand Your Client’s Needs

Start by understanding your client’s needs and expectations. Take the time to listen to their requirements, ask clarifying questions, and ensure you have a clear understanding of what they’re looking for.

Set Realistic Expectations

Be upfront and transparent about what you can deliver and set realistic expectations with your clients. Avoid overpromising and underdelivering, as this can damage your reputation and credibility.

Go Above and Beyond

To provide exceptional value, go above and beyond what is expected of you. Anticipate your client’s needs, offer proactive solutions, and deliver more value than they paid for. Whether it’s delivering ahead of schedule, providing additional revisions, or offering bonus services, exceeding your client’s expectations sets you apart from the competition.

Seek Feedback and Continuously Improve

Finally, seek feedback from your clients on your performance and use it as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Act on constructive feedback to refine your processes, enhance your skills, and deliver an even better experience for your clients in the future.

Stand Out and Succeed as a Freelancer

As an end note, standing out as a freelancer requires a strategic approach and a commitment to excellence. By identifying your niche, highlighting your uniqueness, and providing exceptional value to your clients, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and build a successful freelance career.

Remember, success doesn’t happen overnight, but with perseverance, dedication, and a focus on delivering exceptional value, you can achieve your goals and thrive as a freelancer in today’s competitive marketplace. So go forth, embrace your uniqueness, and make your mark on the world of freelancing!

Want to start freelancing but you don’t know how?

I am offering a free one-on-one coaching program intended for people who want to venture out in the freelancing world. In this program we will assess and hone your skills, build your portfolio, and help you land your first dream client. Interested?



Why It’s Best to Hire Filipino Social Media Managers in the Philippines

Why It’s Best to Hire Filipino Social Media Managers in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to 1.5 million digital nomads who work as “freelancers” serving local and international clients. Most of these home-based talents are deployed in the Social Media marketing industry, thus, Filipino Social Media managers. Like most job seekers in the corporate world, the home-based jobs industry is a serious business.

According to Upwork, one of the leading platforms for online jobs, out of the 8 million virtual assistants on its platform, one million are from the Philippines. This is just for the VA positions alone.

5 reasons why you need a website for your small business

It comes as no surprise since Filipinos are among the best nationalities who can write business English. The country also holds the highest literacy rate in Southeast Asia at 96.2%.

Why Hire Filipino Social Media Managers

If you’re a business owner who is considering hiring a Filipino Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant, we have listed below some of the best reasons to help you decide to put your business into a good investment.

1. Filipinos have a high level of English Proficiency

As mentioned earlier, the Philippines holds the highest literacy rate in Southeast Asia with a staggering 96.2%. This means that most Filipinos are fluent in speaking and writing the English language.

A Business English Index study conducted by the California-based Global Education Corporation revealed that out of 76 countries, the Philippines attained a score of 7.11.

2. Filipinos are heavy Social Media Users

As of April 2022, the Global Web Index surveyed where people spend most and least time on social media and the Philippines ranked second in the result, next to Nigeria.

This means that Filipinos have familiarized themselves and have an innate understanding of how a social media platform works. Social Media has become a culture for Filipinos, though Social Media Managers are professionally trained and have extensive years of experience in the industry.

3. Filipinos are known for their Quality Work and Reliable Professionalism

Hiring Filipinos don’t just lessen the burden in communication because they are fluent in English, no. They are highly reliable professionals and are known by most foreign employers for rendering amazing results and excellent work ethics.

4. Filipinos are hardworking and have excellent common sense

Common sense plays a crucial role in cognition and decision-making. At work, we always encounter such situations where we don’t need a Ph.D. degree to solve common day-to-day problems.

Hiring people without “common sense” can put your business at stake. The key element in common sense on the job is the ability to see the big picture. In most jobs, the big picture isn’t getting a handle on next year’s earnings or figuring out the company’s Internet policy – although some jobs do require that kind of outlook.

No, the bigger picture usually entails seeing where your work fits into the purpose and objective of your particular piece of the organization.

5. Filipinos are respectful and trustworthy

I’ve been in the freelance industry for more than a decade already and I have encountered different types of employers and clients from different specific industries. Most of the time, especially those clients who are new to hiring virtual workers, they are hesitant to give out 100% trust to their new employees.

For example, I had a client before who didn’t want to give his Instagram password because he was afraid that maybe I will ruin his account or whatsoever. This is normal. Of course, how could you trust your business to someone you just met virtually without any idea who they are.

But because I am a Filipino and after he read reviews and blogs of other companies who have hired Filipinos, he was confident that his business is in good hands.

6. Filipinos are highly trainable and can easily adapt to your company culture

Because Filipino culture is highly influenced by Americanism historically, there is no surprise that Filipino workers can easily adapt to the culture of their foreign employers. This, however, is not just limited to the American employers. Filipinos are behaviorally flexible and can easily fit into anyone’s shoes – personally and professionally.

Most Filipino social media managers who seek opportunities online aren’t “just” employees. They are professionals who have extensive years of training in their field before they decided to go full-time freelancers online, especially during the pandemic.

7. Filipino Social Media managers are not expensive

This is the number reason why a lot of foreign companies hire Filipino social media managers so they can save a lot of money.

The average salary for social media managers in the US is $71,177/year or roughly $5,931.42/month. While in the Philippines, the average salary for social media managers is $7,293.28/year or around $600/month.

One month’s salary for a social media manager in the US is already one full year’s salary if you hire someone from the Philippines – the basic salary.

However, there are some talents that you can’t pay this low. Many Filipino freelancers are earning higher depending on experience and level of expertise.

8. Filipinos are born creative and resourceful

Creativity and resourcefulness are particularly in-demand in the field of Social Media management. Hiring employees with these skills is crucial because the internet is bombarded with gazillions of content every day and it’s important that yours excel in the eyes of your target audience.

With a good Filipino social media manager who has a keen eye for creativity, your company is a step higher than your competitors.

Top view of a desk with laptop and a hand. filipino social media managers

How to find the best Filipino Social Media Managers from the Philippines

The following is the list of online platforms where the best of the bests social media managers in the Philippines are lurking for their next social media gig.

Hire your next Rockstar

Social Media Manager today!

With Acabo CC, your next hire is guaranteed. Why spend more money on hiring an in-house Social Media Manager when you can hire an excellent one without needing them to report in the office?

If you need help in finding the best Social Media Manager from the Philippines to work on your social media projects, you can use the “Contact” button above. I will respond to you once your message is received.

Coronavirus: 3 Practical Ways to Be Productive Online

Coronavirus: 3 Practical Ways to Be Productive Online

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness. Because this virus is highly contagious, people needs to isolate at home. Some, no work no pay. If you are one of those people affected by this tragedy and is looking for new ways to earn money, please read on.

Globally, as of 2:00am CEST, 14 April 2020, there have been 1,848,439 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 117,217 deaths, reported to WHO.

Visit WHO’s realtime updates about Coronavirus pandemic, here.

The world has been warned. Confirmed cases of the virus infection is still rising worldwide. Hence a total lock-down for almost every country. No doubt jobs of all types of industries are affected as people are required to stay at home.

Because of the lock-down, thousands have lost their jobs, many companies shut down, and for those lucky ones, forced to work from home. The pandemic has made working from home a new normal. But for those who lost their jobs, the virus is not the real threat – the food is.

Adapting the real
pandemic (not the coronavirus)

Since thousands of companies have shut their operations down because people are forced to stay at home for quarantine, the viral pandemic is not the real threat especially for the low-wage earners.

Luckily if you’re someone who is stuck at home and is finding a new way to sustain your expenses while being quarantined, I’m hoping this post can help you. I’ll be sharing easy-to-follow actionable ways on how to become productive when you’re stuck at home locked-down. All you need is just an internet connection and a computer or a laptop. Please follow the specific guide below.

Disclaimer: Acabo CC is not in any way related/affiliated to the links provided in this posts. If for instance, some links suggested herein offer purchase/s, Acabo CC won’t earn any commission, whatsoever. Links provided are for reference and educational purpose only.

5 Actionable Ways on How To Become Productive During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic Lock-down

1. Create an Upwork profile

Upwork is one of the world’s best leading freelancing platforms. It’s free and easy to join. Thousands of jobs are posted on Upwork from almost all types of industries around the globe.

How to create an effective Upwork profile:

  • #1. Complete your profile
    with all the necessary information about you and your professional background. Include a professional looking profile photo, preferably a clear colored frontal headshot. Please don’t use selfie. Employees don’t hire people with no personalities attached on their profiles. Like hey, who wants to talk with ta ghost?
  • #2. Showcase you special skill.
    Upwork has a feature where you can create a special page on your profile that showcases your best skillset. Example: Graphic Design. In this page you can write compelling paragraphs that highlight what sets you apart from other job seekers about Graphic Design jobs. You can also specify an amount you charge per job done.
  • #3. Verify your Upwork profile.
    Earn that magic “blue tick” next to your name. When your a verified Upwork freelancer, companies will not hesitate to contact you and ask for proposals. Sometimes a verified profile saves you a lot of ‘connects.’ Connects are virtual tokens on Upwork used by freelancers to submit proposals. To verify your profile just follow the instructions under settings. Upwork will asks you personal documents that prove your identity. Then a one-on-one video call from one of Upwork’s representative.
  • #4. Upload a compelling portfolio.
    But, I tell you, if you’re worried because you are just starting out and you don’t have a portfolio yet, don’t be sad. You are not required to create one. Just be honest on your profile. Tell the world why you don’t have a portfolio.

2. Join free training and workshops by Google

Jumpstart you career by getting certified at Google. If you’re someone looking to expand or learn more about earning a sweet spot in digital world, Google offers free training and workshop for those people who are interested not just about digital marketing but a wide range of digital courses – the Learn with Google program by Google.

To join is easy and courses are offered in modules. So you have the freewill to choose your convenient time. Good thing is, after completion you’ll get a certificate from a monster tech company – Google.

What are the free courses offered by Google:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Basic to Advanced E-commerce
  • Understanding the basic of Machine Learning
  • Improving online business security
  • Effective networking
  • Intro to digital well-being
  • Public speaking
  • Social psychology
  • Learning Google cloud technology
  • Online advertising
  • Elements of Artificial Intelligence
  • Customer segmentation and prospecting
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  • Business writing
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • and many more…

Please note that some of these courses are offered for free but certificates are paid. To check paid certificate courses, please visit here. For courses with free certificates, please redirect here.

A certification is a great way to make your CV shine. It shows you’ve got genuine digital skills, and that you are motivated to learn: two essential qualities in today’s business world.

3. Start an E-commerce store on Shopify
(dropshipping business)

You might have heard about dropshipping, right? Coronavirus does not infect dropshippers. (Kidding). And maybe, you think it’s hard and it needs a lot of money to start with. If you think that way, you are wrong. You don’t need to have a lot of money to start a dropshipping business online. All you need is just an internet and heart for your business. Money is important, but you don’t need a lot. 100 – 150$ is enough.

Easy steps to start a dropshipping business on Shopify:

  • #1. Find winning products
    It’s important to choose products that are highly salable online. Products that people are mostly interested with. Products that people can’t easily find in local stores, especially now that most of the stores are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. To do that, I recommend checking Amazon’s best seller page. This way, you’ll be able to understand what products people are usually buying online.

    Other platforms to check what products are highly sold online are: Alibaba, AliExpress, Wish, and Ecomhunt. Choose at least five or more products. After choosing products, check if that product you chose is trending online. Check it by typing keywords related to that product on Google Trends. This way, you’ll know which products people are searching online. Choose products are reserve this for later.
  • #2. Choose a unique name for your store
    Choosing a name for your store is crucial as it affects your marketing in the future. Store names that are name appropriately can make a long way for your e-commerce success. Choose a name for your store that relates to the product you are selling. It should be unique and easy to remember.

    Example, if you are selling kitchen gadgets, create a name that when people read it, they’ll know what you are selling even if they don’t see your products – say, KitchenKits or simply Kitchen Gadgets. Remember that your store name will also be the your website address if you choose to have an own domain. Let’s say kitchenkits.com.
  • #3. Create a Shopify account
    Creating a Shopify account is basic as elementary. Just go to Shopify website and create your account. From there, get familiarize how to configure your store and start creating. There hundreds of helpful videos on Youtube for you to go with.
  • #4. Import your products from AliExpress
    Now, take the product list that you’ve done in step 1. Go to Apps on Shopify and install Oberlo. From Oberlo, go to AliExpress and search your products. This part is tricky as you have to choose products from good suppliers. Tip: Select products that have high numbers of order. You can see it under product description on AliExpress.

    After choosing your products, start importing it to your Shopify store. On Shopify store, configure your design. Don’t worry Shopify is very easy to design. You don’t need an experience in web design and development here as long as you know how to read.
  • #5. Launch your store and start selling!
    After you finished choosing and importing your products to your Shopify store, it’s now time to buy your domain name. This time, you need money for the domain and hosting for using the Shopify platform. Domain registration on Shopify is only 16$. For hosting they offer a minimum fee of 29$ per month. As of now, due to Covid19 pandemic, you can use Shopify platform FREE for 3 months.

As you can see, there are hundreds of ways on how to be productive during coronavirus lock-down. Don’t get this pandemic fool you. It’s just a virus and you are human. You have the internet and you are stuck there ranting nonsense.

Feels so overwhelmed
with too much information?

At this very moment, you might be feeling so overloaded with what you have just read. I got you. Starting an online business or looking for opportunities online is not an easy step to take. It needs a lot of thinking and it’s not as easy as 1-2-3. For that reason why I am writing this is I want to help you get started.

Do you want to find jobs online and work at home?

Are you planning to start an e-commerce business?

Do you have an online business but it’s not really taking off?

Hopefully, this coronavirus lockdown will soon be over. Whatever you have, a business, a plan to work at home, I’m willing to help you figure out how and where you can start. If you have Facebook, just message me on our page, Acabo CC, and there we will talk. Or, you can fill-in this simple form and just tick the “General Consultation” button so I know you’re this super excited person who wants to take a leap in life. Or! And, you can also drop a comment below. Let’s see how far we can go. See you there, and let’s get this rock on!

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