10 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned from the Most Successful People in the World

Written by Syed Qassim
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Published on July 10, 2021
You are reading: 10 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned from the Most Successful People in the World

Lessons from the most successful people that will surely change the way you define failure.

When we talk about “success” we can’t ignore the fact of thinking the greatest people ever existed on earth — like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. Often are rags-to-riches stories. And we wonder how they were able to achieve such height of success — how they did it, what are their secrets.

I spend time reading success stories (for inspiration) and most were stories of these most successful people in the world I mentioned above. In this post, I’ll be sharing the 10 most important lessons I’ve learned from them.

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10 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned from the Most Successful People in the World

Successful people aren’t normal, they desire for authenticity

Do you mean, they are crazy? Yes! Successful people don’t go with the flow where everyone goes. They try to exist in their own way as unique as they could be. They self-established power to explore in the area where they feel they are comfortable.

They take risks in trying new things every single day

Andrew Zimmern, a host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods America, says in an article published at oprah.com: “People say it’s gross that I eat grubs and goat liver, but if you haven’t tried it, how do you know? Our brains tell us lies, and if we listen, we cost ourselves surprises. When trying something new, cast off your fear and expectations.”

Trying out new things can help us improve at something we don’t really mind ourselves. We won’t know that ice cream can be in different flavors if we don’t try to crush ice on an apple.

Successful people don’t bargain their instinct for a love-life

Most successful people speak about their lives. Have you heard them mentioning how they feel in love? No. Successful people are narcissists. They are self-centered. They are selfish.

I always watch motivational talks of some of my favorite successful entrepreneurs who are still rocking in the limelight of success today — like Arianna Huffington, Guy Kawasaki, and others. What I’ve learned from them is that they preach more on self-development, self-growth, and emotional intelligence.

These factors are the ones that build a foundation to expand their horizons in uplifting other’s lives in the future. It’s nurturing self first before the others.

They love to be harshly criticized

There are countless reasons why criticism is obviously a good thing that people who strive for success literally love it.

Criticism forces you to think about how you work on the certain thing that you want to be successful in. If someone criticizes you it means that they want to give you feedback on what you’re doing that might benefit them. It means an opportunity to learn more about what you do and improve the areas that need rectifications.

Successful people choose quality over quantity

People with a billionaire mindset would strive to get a piece of gold even if it costs their lives than a huge load of shit, free.
What I’m trying to say is that, why would you spend on something that isn’t worth it at all?

People with successful thinking are clever. They are conscious of spending their money, time, and effort. They are “seguristas.” They make sure that everything will happen according to their plan.

They love to fail

Whether we like it or not, most successful people failed a thousand times before they became who they are today. Indeed, failure is the best teacher. So, if you want to succeed in life expect a thousand turns and knock-downs. Once you handled yourself to get up, that’s the moment you become victorious. Applaud!

Successful people love the “What’s on your mind?” thing on Facebook

Yes, I’m not trying to crack a joke here.

The what’s-on-your-mind thing on Facebook is a real-deal and it’s a literal thing for people who want to succeed. That moment when you open your FB and you see that on your status bar, if you mind it carefully, Facebook wants you to think.

Facebook wants you to be productive. Facebook wants you to explore your mind. Facebook wants you to take note of every little idea you have at that moment so when you open your FB again the next time, you’ll realize you’ve got that idea before. And that small idea can be a great impact on your future plans, or projects, etc.
The real thing here is; open your mind and execute your idea even how small would that be.

They imagine being a robot on heavy days

Being too ambitious is a tedious task. We want to finish all the things we wanted to do all at once. Successful people aren’t exempted to think this way too; worse than that — they wanted to be a robot.

Robots are stress-free, multi-player, un-restless, and have no physical nerves to experience body pains. These people wanted it this way.

They are hungry of accomplishments. They feel bad when they could not be able to do the tasks they outlined for the day. They are always eager. They are like vampires hungry for fresh blood every single time.

They know exactly what they don’t really know

That’s weird, I know! But that’s what accomplished people are — they possess a genuine kind of humility.

These people know exactly where they are on the scale and they don’t brag about it. This does not mean they don’t have strong egos, but when you’re smart and experienced, you simply know that you can’t possess all the powers of every intelligent man on the planet.

To them, family is the key

Behind every successful person is a family that sugars his coffee every morning and flips on his pillow at night.
Simon Jacobson, an author of the book Toward a Meaningful Life, stresses that:

“When a family shares principles and values, they grow together. The home becomes a foundation for the family’s shared sense of purpose while providing a springboard for each member to pursue his or her own goals.”

In such homes, families stay up late talking heart-to-heart about what’s on their minds. Children crowd around grandparents to hear stories. Teenagers debate meaningful issues with each other and with their parents. The whole family gets together — and not just on holidays — for evenings of songs, games, and reminiscing. The home becomes alive, a source of energy and hope, of urgency and love. It is not the tranquility of a home that makes it peaceful; it is the life within. Jacobson further narrates.

So, family’s presence in someone’s life is a very important factor for his/her success. This is why a vast majority of the most accomplished people ever existed on earth focus on their family and loved ones.
Actionable reflections

So, I hope you find it helpful, the 10 lessons I learned from the most successful people, which I listed above.

And here are a few of the best actionable reflections you can do to yourself right now if you want to achieve a meaningful and successful life:

Rule #1:

Get along with people who have the same mindset as those most successful people mentioned in this article — make them your basis.

Rule #2:

Rise and shine every morning with a fresh smile on your lips.

Rule #3:

Stay bounded with your family and loved ones.

Rule #4:

Think in a positive way possible. (Yes, I just said that “positivest” lol)

Rule number 5:

Follow this blog. Yes, you read that right on point. Follow this blog so you’ll have updates on my future articles which might be so so so so helpful for you.

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