Acabo CC – Our Defining Purpose

Written by Syed Qassim
Syed Qassim is the founder and the Content Chief Editor of Acabo CC. He mastered the art of branding, copywriting, web development and digital marketing for more than eight years. Follow him as he shares his expertise in marketing, business and design.
Published on January 30, 2020
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Welcome to Acabo Creative Concepts (Acabo CC! It is with great pride that I am writing this very first blog post here at our very own website. I am thrilled and excited to share with you our story and what are our plan that lies ahead of us to the next years and beyond. This is Acabo CC – your family, your home.

Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston S. Churchill.

We are nothing on this earth but a constant player of a game we called life. Every day we struggle to survive; to win. We define our own paths. We solve our own puzzles. We create our own legacy. All these to remind ourselves the ultimate purpose of why we exist, why we need to survive and why we need to win.

Family is all that matters – the Purpose

We are living in fast-changing environment. The world we know in the past five years is entirely different to the world we know now. People has changed and so the society where illogical standards has become a chosen dogma. Rights has become a nodus. Fame has become a necessity. Employment has become a race. Noted societal status is a divine glory.

We want to break these norms! We are building a family of purpose – where talents are nurtured, skills are honed, voices are heard and efforts are recognized. A family where members are of utmost importance.

We want to create a working environment where the spirit of home is alive. The boss-employee relationship in the corporate employment has to end. The world has changed and so should we.

We are CCers

We are proud to call ourselves “CCers.” The Creatives. The members of the family. The force behind the magics that happened behind Acabo CC. We are creative professionals united to one purpose – to help businesses grow.

We take pride of the diverse professional achievements of the members of our family. With our over 10 years of exposure in digital marketing, advertising, web development and social media combined with our passion to create an impact to the society, our excitement is beyond ecstatic to start a journey with you.

To know more about us, please direct your attention to our About page.

What is Acabo – the definition

Acabo is derived from the Spanish word “acabar” which means “finished or to finish; completed or to complete” or simply “done.” This concept is the core principle of the family. We are focused and outcome-oriented. We value and dedicate time and effort in every projects we’re into. We don’t just start it, we make it done the best way we can.

My friends would argue that it’s because my family name. Well, how can I not admit it anyway? Laugh out loud. But then, it’s not about me. It’s about the people behind it. The bond of the family that we are building. The purpose we share and the vision we aspire.

How do we see ourselves in the next five years

Acabo CC is a growing family. In the next five years, we see ourselves in a long table, united, even stronger. Even bigger! The purpose of helping other creative individuals grow will be even brighter. Five years is too short, but we’ll strive hard to create a long list of achievements, memories, accomplishments, projects. And hopefully more opportunities, created.

Our vision is simple: To provide excellent quality products and services to help businesses grow and to be a home for digital freelancers to grow.

We believe that every individual has a gift of creativity. We don’t want this gift rotten. The world needs creativity, we need to cultivate it to create an impact for individuals to become a catalyst for change.

Our fight

Opportunities in the creative world is endless. And we see that there are thousands of people who are jobless. Why not give this people a chance? We believe every person has a talent and this is why we are here for. Acabo CC aims to nurture creative talents of people who are willing to be mentored, people who are willing to grow, people who want to become part of our growing family.

I have to end it here and in the next post I’ll be sharing more of how we get in to where we are now. This in Syed Qassim, the founder of the force behind Acabo CC. Good morning!


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